Wednesday, October 9, 2013

No Wacky Wednesday.

With Michelle still in hospital, I utilized their people mover. If you place the worst savage right in the back seat, you won't hear her as loud as the rest.

It really works.
It's like a rocket ship and all the kids are the monkeys ready for space travel.
Not far from the truth.

My poor mother was roped into having 5 kids tonight. It's her own fault really, if she were more meaner to them they wouldn't want to stay with her. If she made her house an unpleasant environment, they wouldn't love going there. It's worked for me.

Shai & Nessa back in 2005 at Nan's watching a movie.
Shai 5, Nessa 3.

Today, 8 years later, a repeat.
Rome 5, Hubba 3.

This is why I love photos & blogging.
Visible memories immortalised in a digital universe.
... and goodnight.

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