Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Moving up in the world.

I thought Hastings getting an underground parking lot at Pak n Save was the bomb, then they started building Carls Jr.

Just this week, McDonalds Hastings bought back the legendary Steak & Cheese Georgie Pie, Burger King got new arena toys for their restaurant and today Carls Jr opened on the corner of Heretaunga and Nelson. Due to the long line at the drive-thru, cars were back up to the Hastings chapel round about - 400m. That's 4 rugby fields long incase you needed clarification.
All for a burger that tastes alot like BK.
They charbroil too.

Looked over the menu.
Don't remember hot dogs being sold in Carls Jr USA, but everything looks fab. I'll go when the hype eases .. or when everyone runs out of money because it's pretty expensive. My only wish is that they sided it with Green Burrito like they do in the US.

Welcome to Hastings Carl.
Enjoy your stay.

I like the new Hastings.
I may never leave.

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