Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Middle of the week. End of Oct.

Boycotting Halloween. Something I consumed yesterday made me sick today and I've decided I'll still be sick tomorrow. Sent the child to Kohanga today and had to pick her up early because I had a Wacky Wednesday at 2pm, which I knew would go beyond 3pm (finishing time).

My parents flew out to Auckland today. I was sad when I had to walk back to the car and come home to no Parentals in The Bay .. just like my sister will be sad on Friday when they leave her to come back here. 

The Air NZ European Tour begins on Saturday when the All Blacks play Japan. Over the month they'll take on France, England and Ireland too as a part of the tour. Before the final Bledisloe Cup game, the following video was released.

"The All Blacks team are a clone army in a bid for galactic dominance" - Boba Fett said so himself. Anything endorsed by a Star Wars character is gospel, everyone knows that.
The video brings me all kinds of emotions.
I love rugby more than I love albacore sushi.

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