Sunday, October 20, 2013

Le Sabbath.

My primary amigo, Nats, came up with a great idea to feed the kids before 3rd hour at church. Our ward begins at 11am so they sit through lunch time surviving on what candy their teachers give them. I'm glad she had the initiative to do this because they were less of a circus today during 3rd hour.

With our Primary presentation in a few weeks and no music director, it's been a challenge trying to pull it all together. Our ward is supposed to be one of the more musical wards in the Stake .. yeah, that's why no one sings during Sacrament meeting.

Activities in the ward have been sparse and when there is one it involves food, sports or music and there's a Stake Music Activity happening sometime before Christmas. I decided to give up on attending ward activities a few years ago, but I had an interesting visit to a member in our ward during the week, who hasn't been to church in a while, who told me, re: living in PA, that maybe I need to adjust my attitude. I decided to apply that to church activities. I totally agree with her, but it's something that needs to be done on a mass level. One person doesn't set the standard in our ward, if they did .. everyone would sing during sacrament meeting.

Last speaker in sacrament today pretty much told the youth to get off their asses and do their duties eg. Prepare sacrament.  I've said it before .. I love my ward, but we need a spiritual dynamite.
Some good ole Jesus T.N.T.

PS: Something has happened to Rush Munroes Ice-Cream. The newly available banana flavor combined with chocolate ice-cap does not a-delicious-evening-dessert make.

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