Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lazy Tuesday.

Lazy Tuesday today. We stayed home most of the day bar a Primary Presentation practise at 6pm.
I hope it all comes together nicely because going by the last few practises, it's going to be very tragic. We have no support in Primary. It's hard to lead children when the adult to child ratio sucks. I'd like to change wards, but I love the people in my ward .. don't love that there aren't enough of us to hold an auxiliary together.

Eventually, Tyler will grow up and move out and then it will be just Hubba and I. On nights that Tyler stays away from home, I both miss and appreciate her absence.

A change is coming.
Looking forward to 2014.

My parents are heading to Auckland tomorrow. They have tickets to Cirque de Soleil. I went to see my Mum tonight and upon inspecting her cupboards, told her she forgot to do the shopping this week. She's my Pak n Save before I go to the real one. She's like a first line of defense and even though they're only going for 2 days, it will probably be a dumb 2 days for me. Love my Parentals. It's kinda like when I spend too much time with The Livians and then I come home and have some serious withdrawals and miss them all. It must be love because they drive me bongos the whole time I'm with them or when my younger brother comes for a visit and stays for 9 hours even though he lives 8 houses away .. or when my sister rings ten times a day for dumb things like, "Drayden-Reid just smiled", "Larell is a know-it-all" or "Listen to Jasiah sing but what does the fox say".

As much as I complain .. I'd miss the circus.

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