Friday, October 25, 2013

Labour Weekend.

Yesterday marked 11 months since Larry died. Next month will be a year and it's a year that's gone fast. It's because of my family, immediate and extended, and the good people here that I haven't crashed and burned over it. I know the spiritual deal, the only part that is below average is his absence and most days I've been able to overcome that snag.

It's labour weekend in Hawkes Bay. Public holiday today for HB Anniversary and on Monday for Labour day nationally. Can't say I know what it means other than a holiday. My brother arrives in from Australia tomorrow night for his 10 days home, so I'm boarding the crazy train to Auckland sometime in the next 30 minutes. We managed to lose one kid for the trip, but I think she was one of the sane ones.

This is my 6th trip to Auckland this year. Drayden-Reid should be nice and chunky this trip up and not a fragile newborn. This means tighter cuddles and longer smooches.

Hurry up Michelle before I change my mind!

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