Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Nessa.

Nessa was born a month or so earlier than expected.

I wasn't here when she was born and it was a time when digital pen cameras were all the rage. It took them weeks to get me these photos.

1 year old Ness.

2 year old Ness.

Maybe 5 years old? When they lived in Australia.

Decided to make her whoopie pies today.

.. but first, lunch.

All miniture.

Banana chocolate inside filling with a banana cream cheese frosting on top.

She's 11 today. Taller than her 20 year old sister by 6 inches (and still growing), but still 11.

Note to self: Don't wake her up early from an afternoon nap just because you want her to go to bed before X-Factor tonight. She's foul.

McCaw is out of tomorrows game due to a tight calf.
This is not good news.
All Blacks play the Wallabies tomorrow.

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