Thursday, October 10, 2013

Family Thursday.

I drove Miss Daisy most of the day after she was discharged from the hospital. We were less 3 kids, so it was good service. Eventually, everything went back to normal and I left mother hen home with her kids to reconnect.

Hubba and her gingerbread man treat for not crying to stay home from Kohanga.

Escabeche is a technique used in the Spanish cuisine to marinate meat, usually fish, in lime juice. Sounds like ceviche don't it, but once marinated you cook it. I did likewise with steak.
It's a must try.

Family time this evening at the Grandparentals eating lambs tails.

The season is almost over and our kids have been waiting for weeks for someone to get a bagful.

I don't like them myself.

Hubs & Nganz.



Hubba-Lucious. She looks tired because it's 2 hours past her bedtime without an afternoon nap. She hit the pillow and was out tonight without a look in my direction. Night one without a pull-up. She's sleeping atop a molly (hospital linen to protect leakages onto a mattress, no idea why they're called Molly's. I'll be able to tell you after 3 years of school).

For Aunty Ness!

Roasting marshmallows.

The Farmer shot more pigeons.

Then when there were no more lambtails left and the sun went down, my Mum started to burn anything. She managed to burn a set of bunk bed frames and a queen bed frame.

My grandmother will ask where they are before the end of the week.

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