Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Eventful Tuesday.

Picture it .. you get up on a fine Tuesday morning, early spring and think .. I'm going to mow my lawns with that $50 mower I scored from an Online Garage sale today. So you go out and start mowing. The blades don't seem to be cutting properly since the grass is so long and you have the mower, probably, at the lowest setting creating a build up of grass on the blades. You bypass the fact that the mower is still on and the blades are still turning, and put your hand into the bottom to clean off the build up of grass.

I'll let the babies explain what happens next.
Michelle nearly lost her finger today doing the aforementioned.

She clean sliced through 35% of the tip of her finger and 25% of her bone. A compound fracture. She had surgery tonight to clean it all out and see if it didn't need a wire threaded through the tip to hold it together.

I told her kids all day that she was having her finger chopped off and that they'd have a 9 fingered Mum before midnight tonight. Her son, Jeston, got all emotional when I showed him how she'd wave to him with half a finger when she sends him off to school in the mornings.

Rome's only question was, "How is she going to pick her nose now?".

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