Thursday, October 17, 2013

Día de los Muertos

I use to think it was Mexican Halloween until I learned otherwise. It's almost like kawe mate, but for the Spanish people. A day to remember loved ones who have died. It's pure coinkidink that it falls on the days after halloween. It has some connection with the Catholic holiday All Souls Day. It calls for skeleton candy/goodies.

Think we'll do it for Halloween this year. Our kids are so morbid, they'd love the idea of painting their faces like skeletons.

Kudo's to Ariel for the photo from a Tuscon, AZ día de los Muertos celebration, shot by Mahonri G - whose photos remind me alot of Ansel Adams.
I really love it.
I think it's the eyes.
Same eyes as your Dad .. and I miss those eyes mucho.

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Me said...

whenever i'm in albuquerque strangers stop me on the street because just by looking at my face they know he and i must have been related.

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