Tuesday, October 1, 2013

13 days till Term 4 starts.

It's hard to be professional when they're all your cousins. I thought doing their shoot at my house would make them more comfortable than in their studio and they were. They spent more time in the fridge than they did posing.

The start of their poster.
Yet to be textured, grained and some type of filter applied. I don't know their "professional" name, but their musical knowledge has improved ten fold since 2001 when Atalya was a newborn and they were rapping out of a bedroom.

We're on a 'eat better food for the next two weeks' buzz. Anything contraband to our meal plans are most likely Hubba's daycare lunches.

When you think you're going to head in to town to get a king size Black Forest chocolate, just have fruit. It's no substitute at all, but you make do.

Remember the foils Tyler got for her birthday from her Parentals? Worst thing ever. The things people do to look good. Looks like she has coconut husk on her head from one of those hanging basket garden thingys.

Chicken & bacon cheddar ranch wraps.

Sing it with me - yuuuuum!

Bye now.

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