Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Sabbath

Sitting in sacrament meeting today enjoying that Hubba wasn't sitting next to me, instead in front of me. A baby was blessed, because that happens on Fast & Testimony Sundays. The Priesthood bless the sacrament, blessing the bread twice because he said blood instead of body during the first round.

As everyone is being all quiet and reverent while the water is being passed .. you hear this ...
... because she's been watching a little too much of this.

And that was Sunday.
I don't even want to reminisce about Sharing Time and how it's my month for teaching again. It's also Fathers Day in NZ. Text the men in my life who matter most this morning and told my Step-Dad I won't steal his secret stash of chocolates and Pepsi Max in his shed this week as a gift .. plus I'm scared he set up mouse traps just for my hands. I'll send the baby in to look instead.

NPC is the highest level of domestic professional rugby in NZ. It's a competition that's been in action since the 70s and is built up of teams from provinces in NZ. Magpies, who represent Hawkes Bay, play Otago this afternoon in the 3rd week of the ITM Cup comp. We haven't had the Ranfurly Sheild since 1969, which is pre-NPC/ITM. Go Magpies ... please PLEASE Magpies.

I know you love it when I talk rugby.

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