Monday, September 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Hubba-Lush!

Happy 3rd Birthday Hubba-Lush! Everyone loves you because you're nicer than all the other girls in the family.
Newborn Hubba.

1 year old Hubba.

2 year old Hubba.

3 year old Hubba.

We're delaying her birthday for 2 weeks, but we'll do something a little later on today.

I found these photos looking for birthday photos of her. As much as I hate hospital photos of Larry, these ones show his sick sense of humor and I'll quote him.
"Take a photo of me looking dead! Do I look dead? Wait ..."
Notice the smirk. I'm shaking my head too.

"Did I look dead? Good! Blog it!"
I never did and I have several of these "Take a photo of me looking dead" in a hospital bed photos.

Anyone who knows him well will not be surprised at these images.
The man who holds my heart.
September 2012 photos btw, when he had his 3rd Tenckhoff installed.

PS. Magpies won the Ranfurly Sheild after 44 years. Let me tell you about it briefly (shut up Michelle and Furness who are not avid rugby fanatics). Thanks to Otagos first-five who tried to kick a drop goal in the last minute, epic fail. It turned into a string of rucks that resulted in a charge down .. which I'll liken to a swat in basketball - and Magpies took it home with a 20-19 score. I screamed so loud at the TV I made the baby cry. Counties Manukau next week.

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