Monday, September 30, 2013

The Southwest Chicken Salad.

Tommy's in Canyon Country, CA had the nicest southwest chicken salad I ever did taste. I'm glad my culinary horizons were broadened in the USA because if I never left NZ, I'd be a chops, veges and potatoes kinda guy.

The best dressing for a salad in the whole wide Universe, is ranch and not just any old Paul Newman from Pak n Save ranch dressing, if you're going to do ranch, you have to do it right.
Hidden Valley.
It's the only way.

A care package from Larry's mom last year held essential sachets for good ranch in NZ. 1 cup of cultured buttermilk (you can make it by adding vinegar to whole milk), 1 cup of mayonnaise and the sachet and you have yourself the best ranch dressing in NZ.

The Southwest Chicken Salad.
Romaine lettuce (cos), chicken, corn kernels, pico de gallo, BBQ Sauce & Ranch dressing. It also calls for black beans and cilantro/coriander, but I'm not a fan of either. I used Famous Dave's Devils Spit, which was too spicy. Any Hickory smoked BBQ sauce in Pak  Save will work like magic.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Game.

Those Argentine supporters are bad sportsmen. The pendejo who shon the laser on the field during the game only gave the All Blacks more drive to get the job done and they did just that in the second half, winning the game 33-15.

I did the right thing and went to church today. Can't tell you what the speakers spoke about, but I can tell you all about Hernandezs' ankle tap from Nonu that blotched a kick through 5 minutes into the first speakers talk. Haven't watched the replay of the game yet from start to finish, but I will.

Thanks to the wagging EQ members who helped out during sharing time - so I could tweet-watch the game - it was bliss. I was disgusted that no one else gave a damn about the game at church today. Wrong place maybe, but one Uncle went home to watch the golf under the guise of "going to get my tithing".

My month of sharing time is officially over.
I'm glad.

Felt bad about my sabbath today so I wen to get Rush Munroes banana ice cream and ice cap chocolate to make myself feel better. The rearrangement of the freezer section in the grocery store shattered that dream because the ice cream was not available. As I drove out of the grocery store parking lot, the missionaries from our ward drove in (so did Michelle).
Felt better.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rural Saturday.

It was a Saturday at home today. The wisteria on the Parentals pergola is looking mighty fine and the honey suckles that snake down the posts holding up the frame work are nearly ready to pick.

Zombie Nganz.

The palm trees along the old drive way to my grandmothers house harbour pigeons that crap a river and ruin the lawn. It's common in Rural-ville to see people shooting pigeons from their palm trees. Tashi was gun happy today and shot a few down.

My mother, ever the firebug, lit a fire and burned everything. She tried to burn a couch from my grandothers veranda and we were about to move it when my grandmother walked out and sat on it.

Ngawi tormenting Salty-Boy the Kunikuni.

Roasted pigeon.

I don't know why she likes hanging out with him.
He torments her.

A shout out to Michelle who swapped two kids for one with me tonight. 10 minutes before leaving, my brother dropped off 2 of his kids for the night without warning and told me he'd see me in the morning. It was over before it begun .. I had a plan that involved 2 nieces and 1 nephew and swapped Coral & Waiz for Shai. Called Coral tonight to remind her that she had to behave because I didn't want her here as much as she didn't want to be here.

I'm still at a crossroads with the All Blacks game tomorrow morning. I had a plan and it was shot down by the end of the day. The worst part of this week is that school holiday began yesterday.
Term 3 is over.
Two whole weeks of "Aunty can we do some jobs", "Aunty can we come with you please", "Aunty whats your WiFi password".
School holidays should be banned.

Friday, September 27, 2013

New Phone.

I've had a blackberry for 7 years. After dropping it an endless amount of times over the last 7 years, it no longer receives phone calls. It only texts and you can't browse the internet so it's purpose is now void.

Got a new one.
Hate it, but it was free if you doomed yourself to a 2 year contract. After failing with texting on the touch screen, I figured out how the speech-to-text works.

It really does.

My Lawn Care Hero.

When you leave your lawns to grow out because your normal Lawn Care Professional is at police training college for 9 weeks, you have to deal with the eye sore. I didn't spend my yesterday staring at my lawns, but I did observe, longer than normal, enough to decide something needed to be done asap.

Ask Dempsey what I can give him to make him mow our lawns.

Raspberry donuts Krispy Kreme style.

I found out he actually likes mowing lawns and would have done it for love. Then my brothers kids told me he's coming back tonight and planned to mow tomorrow.
Now I have to make donuts, probably for him too.

All Blacks vs Pumas

I need church to start 2 hours late this week.
I really do.

I know about sacrifice. I've done alot of it in the last 5 years, but sometimes...
If I'm inspired to go, I'll sit at the back and watch the game listen to the speakers.
I might cry over this.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wacky Wednesday.

And the winner today, the one who picked up her phone this morning - not like she had a choice she lives behind the crazy train - was Tashi. It was Tashi who had herself a Wacky Wednesday.

Kohanga day 2.

Kohanga basically means daycare in the Maori lingo. I had issues with sending her to this Kohanga, but then they got a new teacher who is qualified and I heard good feedback re: her. Hubba didn't want to come home when I picked her up yesterday. She was so defiant about staying there that I had to use the grit-my-teeth talk while I kindly invited her to get the hell in the car. We had a storm pass through here lastnight and I dreamed that they cancelled Kohanga because of it, so I woke up sad.

So what am I doing with my spare time. Wednesdays are usually saved for, what my siblings and I call, Wacky Wednesday. This consists of taking an Aunty to town so she can do her weekly grocery shopping. You always come home with a headache. Wednesday mornings she does the rounds and calls three of us to see who will take the bait. Sometimes I ring Michelle and put on said Auntys voice just to make her cringe. Two weeks ago $20 flew out of her hand because she doesn't like using a wallet. Last week she let the supermarket shopping cart roll into a Lexus parked next to us. Hence, Wacky Wednesday.

Happy I haven't received the call yet to be a taxi today - I'm screening calls for the rest of my life as of last week - so today, I karaoke roulette by myself.

I'd put up a video .. but I don't want to make Beyonce jealous.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

First day of day care.

Everyone else told me it would be good for her and for me and so she is currently enjoying her first official day at Kohanga/Daycare.
She was excited.

I had Tyler take her in the event she cried and wanted to come home, because I would have caved and bought her home.

Huevos Rancheros on left over enchiladas for breakfast.

With her new cape, she's wasted a bunch of pull-ups keeping to the theme of being Super Girl.

Yesterday she asked me not to call her Hubba because she was a 'big girl'.
She said she'd like to be called EJ Shultz.
Still wears a diaper and has a binky ... but is a big girl.

Ahh, no girl.

Monday, September 23, 2013

At random.

Thinking by myself tonight, Meatloafs song, "I would do anything for love", came to mind and I got to thinking .. what won't he do for love?
Thought about it after listening to the song on repeat for an hour and decided that he won't not do what he says he will do.
Only took me 20 years to figure out.
Then there's this.

I remember a certain someone leaping up from his chair at the movie theater, spilling diet coke and pop corn everywhere in an embarrassing show of fist pumping. What's even more embarrassing was he wasn't the only one who jumped out of their chair. By far one of my favorite scenes from Episode III where Yoda fights Count Dooku, who's first Padwan was Qui-Gon Jin. He also became the Sith Lords second apprentice when Darth Maul got whooped by Obi-Wan Kenobi - who taught Anakin Skywalker who became Darth Vader, father of Luke.

I have shamed myself knowing this Star Wars geneology.

And finally for those ignorant to Star Wars.
It's basically the beginning in a jovial song.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Weekend.

Rough week, rough weekend.
All my cares would go away if you were here.
Miss you, especially this weekend.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Thurs - Fri

Good times with bubbles.

A Tip: A No more tears shampoo concoction works better than the original bubble recipe because when a bubble pops in a child's eye from the original liquid, it's the end of the world and they'll argue that a trip to the 'hostible' on the 'ambalance' for some 'vicks' is the treatment.

Anyone a fan of the show Breaking Bad? Being sick all week, I happened upon 5 seasons of it. It's centered in Albuquerque, Larry's stomping grounds, and there was so much Mexican food in the first 3 seasons, that I had to make beans. It takes 2 days to cook them, but they are magnífico. 10 years in the USA and I hated refried beans. Ignoramus.

Kath went to Hawaii last week and bought back Caramacs for her favourite person in the world. I hid the other box from visiting family members and can't remember where I put them.

Dinner. Do you know how delicious refried beans mixed with cheese, salsa and arroz is? Right now my appetite calls for beans. Anything and beans.

Hubba liked the tortillas and arroz (rice) and apparently she cut her hair again when she was out of my care during the week.

Birthday package from Ariel in Oregon arrived in the post today. America's Cup race 13 playing in the background. Is it just me .. or are there no Amerians on that boat. All I hear are Australian and British accents.

The knitted jellyfish was my personal favourite.

But the super girl cape made from Ariels boat sail was her favorite. She's asleep right now on the couch with it on. Thanks Ariel!

I'm sad because there's no international rugby this weekend and I have to settle for NPC and NRL.
Day 301. Hope they serve good refried beans in heavens Don Cuco Restaurant.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


He's awesome .. still naughty, but very awesome.
It's funny how the kids sigh when the other boy wins. All the kids did well! I have a new outlook for the school I was never going to send Hubba to.

PA School Cross Country.

The school had their cross country today.
Rome came 3rd in her age group.

Jeston came 3rd.

Coral came 1st in the senior girls group.

Nessa came 3rd in the senior girls group and her Dad came 4th ;)

Waimea was 3rd in the senior boys group.

But the star of the show was Ngawi, who came 2nd in his age group.

What an inspiration!

Hes awesome .. naughty, but awesome.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Baby 16

He arrived, looking more like his sister than his brother, last night around 9.30pm. He looks like a Benjamin to me, but that name is apparently off the cards. No mas. Sister grew an 8.5 pounder.
Might go see him this weekend.
Might not.

Hubba is no longer the baby of the crew anymore.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sunday, September 15, 2013


You thought you'd been spared a rugby post didn't you.
No chance.
How many men in a rugby team? 15.
Remove 2 to the sin bin and how many do you have? 13.
All Blacks beat South Africa with a 13 man team. Let's face it, that's like taking on Mayweather blind folded with your arms tied behind your back. Not really.

Bismarck du Plessis got yellow carded for the Dan Carter hit subjecting him to 10 minutes in the sin bin. Then he hit Messam, on purpose, and got the red card (off for the rest of the game). Reckless and awesome.
Sam Cane was a machine. Gash to the head didn't stop him.

But it was fellow Hawkes Bayer Retallick who won me over.

That Kieren Reid .. he does a better haka than some Maoris I know.
I've been wishing for someone to shut commentator, and has-been All Black, Justin Marshall up since 2011s RWC. If you're on Facebook, trust me and like the page. 20,000 Likes is supposed to do it.

He, alone, commentating is worse than 4 Australian commentators combined.


Let's be honest .. sometimes you wake up on a sabbath morning and feel like you should stay in bed all day and pretend it's Saturday. I felt like that this morning, but I got up and went anyway. Sharing time proved to be disastrous. I still contest that the revelation to put me there was wrong and I really don't know what keeps me from swearing during that one hour. The worst kids are my own blood and there's enough of them to start a riot and get everyone else on board the crazy train. We haven't had a music director in primary for about a year and after sharing time today I mentioned to the Bishop that our music director is currently my iPod and dock. It doesn't help that there are not enough people in my ward, however ... when you make up a position for someone in the youth, there's enough people.
Let me show you the stats.
Young Women: 7 on the roll. Maybe 10 attend. 5 adults.
Primary: 30 children attend. 3 adults.
"... whether by mine own voice or by the voice of my servants ..."
I'll keep repeating it until it doesn't hurt anymore.

In other news, which might relate to primary (popcorn popping on the apricot tree), here's proof it's Spring time. My grandmothers plum trees are blossoming.

Tashi started her raised vege and herb garden. I'd like to do a garden, but I'd also like to surround my entire house in concrete so I don't have to weed spray and mow the lawns.

For Aunty Ness - it's the only face he'll do when I say it's for Aunty Ness (who hasn't popped our baby 16 yet).

My older brother arrived home from Australia this morning. Any brother who has his wife and sisters on his mind as he passes through duty free, is a good brother/husband. It came just in time.
Chocolate is confectionery Valium.


Friday, September 13, 2013


I have an ongoing argument with a couple of my nieces about their taste of music vs my taste of music. They don't think I know music because my selection of it doesn't consist of Beyonce and Ariana Grande. I tried to find my musical solace in my niece Nessa, who - on the outside - likes anything opposite to her sisters, but when I had her listen to two of my favorite songs of all time, she told me one was boring and the other was weird.

The Doobie Brothers song, What a Fool believes, was written by Kenny Loggins (sings Footloose) and Michael McDonald. I remember my Dad always singing it. I like the Redwood Forest concert version of it where Loggins and McDonald sing it together. Nessa said it was boring. I told her she didn't know music and for someone who likes Barry Manilows Copacabana, she wasn't being very open minded.

The other may come as a surprise to some who wouldn't think I got into goth metal, but I very much so enjoy metal before I enjoy anything else. Larry always wondered if perhaps I was vanilla on the inside to like metal.
Love you to Death is a song by the band Type O Negative who's album, October Rust, went gold in the mid 90s. Love it, musically, lyrically, emotionally, visually - which wasn't appropriate for the blog.

Some rock/metal singers have such great voices I wonder why they waste it on metal. Eg. Tony Martin of Black Sabbath.
His voice is melt my heart fantastic.

Thank you and goodnight.

Friday the 13th.

Woke up to an email from Hells Pizza saying they have $13 pizzas today. Guess what's for dinner tonight. Hells is gourmet pizza compared to Pizza Hutt and Dominoes. Pandemonium, or what I call the thanksgiving pizza, consists of Chicken, cranberry sauce and Camembert cheese.

Went and completed the child's enrollment for daycare. Her heart was beating fast as we sat in the office and she kept reminding me that she wasn't staying. She starts on Monday whether she likes it or not. She has a few cousins and friends from Primary there and she'll be ok because I've promised her a new bag, lunch box and delicious lunches. We'll hit Nan up tonight about the new lunch box and bag.

6 hours of freedom for 5 days a week and it's even better on Wednesday - Friday when the other one is at Tech.

It's really just to settle her into the new schedule next year with school beginning in Feb. Have to make it the best summer ever this year because for the next 3 years there will be no such thing.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Almost TGIF

Cameras made from toilet paper rolls, a shapes (cracker) box, slice tray, tape and an EIT Prospectus.

Aunty you should be a teacher at our school because you have really good ideas like the telescope and the camera.
No thanks.
Is it because you hate kids?
Pretty much.

They were bestfriends today. Yesterday Rome had a melt down at the sight of Hubba. Today was the first time Rome wanted to stay and play at my house. Usually I send her home because she's unique. She surprised me today, broke a few things and almost killed the fish, but she was tame.

When they left and Hubba went to bed, I spent time with Dame Shirley Bassey on youtube. I love her. She is amazeballs. She's theatrical and very dramatic when she sings and she gives me the shivers .. not the same kind of shivers that I got when Richie McCaw led the haka in the last 2 games. That shiver was a, "Don't look at the TV screen" shiver.

This song was written in 1916 by a French man and originally called Mon Homme. Fanny Brice made it popular in English back in the 20s and Billie Holiday dropped a jazz beat into it in the 40s, but no one does it better than Diana Ross. It's a very compelling song with a slow build up to a grand finale ending .. kinda like White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane.

Summer part 2

Nessa envisioned this shoot with my nephew Ellis. They pulled it all together very well. Hubs was supposed to be in it, but got stage fright...