Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"I got this"

On Sunday night.
Are you going to sleep in your own bed?
Yes. No. I'm scared.
It's ok. You're a big girl now.

Monday night.
I'll sleep in my bed.
Are you sure?
I got this! I'm a big girl now.

Night 2 in her own bed. Honestly .. I missed her in my bed more than she missed being in my bed. I kept asking her lastnight if she wanted to come into my bed and she said no. I even threw in the, 'but the monster under your bed might get you' and she refused.
7.30am this morning she crawled into my bed for an hour nap.

Show my things to Aunty Ness.
Ignore the color scheme .. I'll do something about it one day.

She continues to insist on a trampoline for her birthday despite telling her about the freak trampoline accident in the USA.

Blondie Spice got her hair did for her birthday from her Parentals. For the last ten years I thought 'foils' meant 'streaks'. I saw green streaks when she exited the salon today.

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Me said...

She figured out the secret to being a big girl: that big girls get scared but its OK, they still keep going and doing their thing :-)

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