Sunday, August 4, 2013

Home again.

The trip home was as quick as the trip there. This beast slept for 2 hours and they were the best 2 hours of the entire trip.

Hubba was a pain in the butt from Taupo to Napier.

Brother not watching the road.

Auckland to Tirau.

The road to Mata Mata.

Lucky this fool was directly behind me where I couldn't reach him. He tormented his sister for the first hour and I was ready to throw him from the car.

The essentials.

The rain caught us in Taupo.

Home again and safe. Hubba reading Ariels most recent letter from Astoria, OR. Tyler liked todays letter more than Hubba.

Next time I see my sister she'll have 3 brats. She tried to switch her son for Hubba this morning before we left. I really am not kidding when I say El Diablo wouldn't want him either, but when my nephew tries to tell me little lies saying, "The roads to Bridge Pa are blocked" so we can't leave, it melts my heart.

To Masterton on Tuesday for Papa Georgies funeral. I had a little cry this morning. I think I was more sad that Papa George gets to see my Larry and I'm still here missing him. Felt the same way when Aunty Moe passed and Uncle Mo. Jealous. At Day 253, I still think of him often and miss him all the time.

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Me said...

i ran out of blank cards but i have lots of blank postcards, so be on the look out for those now (sorry, less art work tyler).

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