Thursday, August 29, 2013


I haven't blogged about Larry's other BFF in a while, but you might remember her. Allegra aka Leggy-May.
For real, two peas in a pod.

At 6 years old, her medical treatment and progression is a near match to Larry's 3 years and will eventually overshadow his. She has Optic Chiasm Glioma, is blind in the left eye (Like Uncle Larry!) and no peripheral vision or depth perception in her right eye.

Nina, her Mum, informed us that she has 1 more chemo treatment for the year. Chemo hasn't shrunk the tumor at all, but has stabilized it.

I've only known a handful of brave people personally and she is one of them.

She is in a good place, is happy and that's all that matters.


Me said...

They use chemo meds for a lot of stuff. Mahonris sister was diagnosed with MS and is treated with chemo. Its rough but also great to have those medications available for the people who need them.

David Malcom said...

Its sad to see. I watch this video on chemotherapy and it shocked me to find out that only 30% average respond to it. That means that 70% of people go through the horrible side effects for no reason.

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