Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 230

It's been raining since Tuesday.
Rugby parks have been closed for the junior teams. The Prems teams will look for a private park before cancelling games despite the public parks being closed. I hate the private park they use, but a Saturday without rugby would be like a hot poker to the eye.

The worst thing about this week is that Term 2 of school ends today and it's 2 weeks of holidays. Boo.

Facetime with sister.
Heading up there next week so she'll forgive me for the hideous photo. She's excited. She probably has a calendar on her fridge counting down to Wednesday next week.

Also, the Saudi Arabians are in town tonight. They're on Summer break and flew back to NZ sometime during the week. Excited. They weren't able to make it home for Larry's funeral, but at least they got last July to spend with him.

PS. Richie McCaw plays his first game of club rugby this weekend after coming out of his 7 month sabbatical. Pretty sure Larry won't mind if Richie McCaw wants to be my boyfriend.

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