Friday, June 21, 2013

The Storm

Everywhere else in the country, stuff is happening. The good weather always misses us. I want thunder and lightening and power cuts, instead .. we have gale force winds, southerlies and blue skies. I'm still waiting for the rain.
Haumoana was the spot today. Waimarama was apparenty too messy.

Imbecile 1 & 2 braved the cold and hit the 3 footers on body boards ..

.. with the Go-Pro.

It got rough and some waves were vicious, but after 2 hours everything went flat.

The Storm that moves around us.

Let's hope tomorrow is better.
The winds did blow out one of Michelles windows .. that's kinda exciting.
Not for little Jeston, who's room is less one window tonight.

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