Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Weekend

MAC won another game.
They lead on the points table.
That's all that matters.

A sunny Sunday.
We stayed home after church and enjoyed the sun in the lounge.

This fool joined the basking.

.. and that was the weekend.
I haven't seen my Doctor in over 7 months. I haven't been able to go back to the clinic since. Tuesday before Larry died we were there and he was happily telling her how his eye sight was good enough to work. He told our Doctor how he was lining up topics for video tutorials and she was excited for him because he looked healthy and he was happy. Thursday we went back in and she rang the ambulance to take him to the hospital and we know what happened on Saturday. All weekend I've had butterflies because I have to go tomorrow. I've avoided her long enough. I'll probably cry when I get there.

Think I have carpal tunnel in both hands, more the right. As a pianist and photographer, this is not awesome.

Big loves to my cousin Milton in ICU and niece Kaleel who is awaiting surgery for appendicitis.

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Vecci Twins.

Vecci (Vee-see) and Vecci (Veckey).

You know you're bestfriends with your sister when she buys the exact same car as you.

Only difference is her Vecci will have more gas than mine.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


Sometimes I get hate mail from my sister when I don't blog.
My niece is the same way. She complains too when I miss a day. Funny enough, they're both named Furness.

Sometimes when I'm having a sad day, I can't blog otherwise I'll depress myself with depressio posts. That's what private journals are for.

Apart from almost hitting someone who failed to stop at a stop sign and having lunch with my parents, nothing interesting happened today.

My brother posted this on Facebook and it was too good not to share. I apologise in advance for his spelling and grammar.

Took the family to Mc Donalds after rugby training tonight and my daughter spotted a homeless man sitting alone in the dark across the rd as we were going through the drive thru

she said Dad theres a homeless man sitting over there

Without hesitation I pulled the car over beside him took out a big mac combo and said to him

here bud

his eyes lit up and the words thank you thank you thank you came out of his mouth
I put my hand forward and shook his hand jumped in my car and drove off

my kids asked me
Dad what are u going to eat now?
I replied
Im allgood remember this

Simple acts of kindness goes along way.

My favorite Hymn page 219
Because I have been given much I to must give.

My favorite hymn too.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

End of June Tuesday.

I've always said NZ chocolate is the best in the whole wide world. Cadbury has changed their taste over time so I'm open to other cocoa consumptions now. This is one of cadbury's latest creations with pop-rocks in.
Simply amazeballs.

Ever since my sister showed me the best way to drink tea over Christmas, I've never turned back.

Added Feijoa to my cupboard lastnight. I didn't know they had Feijoa, but I had been waiting patiently for it. Green Apple is my other fave. Tastes just like KFCs Apple Spritz.

Then the Warehouse temporarily made my dreams come true and started selling American chocolate. Baby Ruth is similar to NZs Nutroll (nougat, nuts covered in chocolate), which hasn't been made or sold for years. They're my fave US Chocolate. If you were to go to the 99 cent store in California you'd get a similar pack to this one, which is snack sized, but with 12 bars in, for 99 cents. This packaging is the same sized bar, minus 6, for $4.99NZD.
Daylight robbery when you know how much they are in the USA.

The Warehouse also sells Victoria Secrets Garden selection lotions and sprays.They're $9 each at Victoria Secrets in the USA or any 5 for $24. I know this because I stocked up and bought a crapload home when we moved. Now that I'm running low, I was happy to see them in store .. but they're selling for $19 each.

Not really living up to their slogan are they.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Enduring Love.


In 1997 I was introduced to archaic opera mixed with trance via neoclassical artist Emma Shapplin.

Her Carmine Meo album was the first CD I ever purchased, and I still have it. Since I can't plug my iPod into Vecci, I've had to pull out all my CDs, which is in a case of 400. I can never get enough of Emma Shapplin, specifically Spente Le Stelle, which is a tirade, in song, about love lost. It takes my breath away every time I hear it.
Then there's this ...

.. that still gives me the giggles since I first saw it in 1994.

< / musicnerd >

Day Care

It was 2°c this morning. It was a morning for 10am lay ins.
For yonks I've had the opinion that if you have kids, don't send them to daycare. It was an opinion Larry shared. I voiced it to my sister a few times about how she worked so hard to get her kids only to send them to daycare.

I understand now.
I understand why she rings me from her closet some days, overwhelmed.

I enrolled Hubba to start at the local Kohanga (daycare) when Darrell starts next month. It's less than a 5 minute walk down the road and she knows most of everyone there. She doesn't go to Nursery at church because the faces of the teachers are unfamiliar and crying or screaming children make her cry and scream. She's become a paua (abalone), my own fault, but there's always an ending to something and it may not be happy for her, but for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week it's a happy one for me.

Still haven't toilet trained her. I'm at war with her on that. She's a big girl when it comes to no binky, no bottle and she even takes her medicine from the syringe now .. but to pee in the potty?
No dice.

Godspeed to her daycare teacher.

Awatoto on Sunday.

Awatoto was the spot today.
I can't take credit for these photos. I had to sit in the car and watch from a distance because the child fell asleep and it would have been illegal to leave her in the car alone. The walk from the car park to the breakers was a rugby field away.
Brother took the shots.
We don't swim on Sundays so his feet were itchin'.

Having 'an eye for it' must run in the family.
Tonight Coral said she wants to be a photographer .. in the same breath that she said she wanted to be a hairdresser and dentist.
7 months today.
Still miss you.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sports Saturday.

When I felt how cold it was this morning, I didn't want to get out of bed. Then Tyler, who is louder than a police siren with your ear right up to it and who walks around the house sounding like a herd of elephants in the morning, decided to remind me that I had said I'd go to TACs E-Grade game today. So we were out of the house by 9:15am and sitting in the car at the rugby field watching from a distance.

I wanted to go to Nazareths game at 11:30, but went to Shai's netball game instead. I really hate netball. It's one of those games that I just don't understand because it's essentially basketball without bouncing, dribbling or stepping.

Cold day for it. Maxed out at 10 degrees today and I know that's nothing by Acton, CA standards .. even NM standards, but it's still chilly on the lily.

Then there was rugby.
By far this was the heartiest game of the season. So hearty, I couldn't take proper pictures because I wanted to see the game with my own eyes and not through the lens. A turn over at the last minute earned MAC their win. 31-34. Brother has a lump on his forehead from a ruck, now he looks like manimal. Great game, great win.
We were home by 6pm.

The All Blacks almost put me to sleep tonight in their final game against France. They didn't need to win tonight, they won the cup last week. The game was so boring I candy crushed my way through the second half.

No more netball for me. Today was enough for the rest of my life.
Marist next week. A home game for MAC.
Next All Black game is scheduled for 3 months from now.
ITM Cup will begin in August.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Storm

Everywhere else in the country, stuff is happening. The good weather always misses us. I want thunder and lightening and power cuts, instead .. we have gale force winds, southerlies and blue skies. I'm still waiting for the rain.
Haumoana was the spot today. Waimarama was apparenty too messy.

Imbecile 1 & 2 braved the cold and hit the 3 footers on body boards ..

.. with the Go-Pro.

It got rough and some waves were vicious, but after 2 hours everything went flat.

The Storm that moves around us.

Let's hope tomorrow is better.
The winds did blow out one of Michelles windows .. that's kinda exciting.
Not for little Jeston, who's room is less one window tonight.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day 207.

There's a song by Dorothy Moore called Once or Twice that I first heard years ago when I befriended Nina, who became one of the few near and dear ones in my life. It stuck all these years.

I didn't realise I surpassed 200 days without Larry until I looked on my 'days since' counter app. this evening and read 207.
It's not that I don't think of him anymore, it's quite the opposite, but the chorus sums it up nicely.

We're in for a wintery treat over the next 3 days that not only will freeze the cajones off of anyone outside, but see's the wave energy above 10k. Hitting Wairamama with my brother on Friday for what could be the surf of the year in this area.
Cameras loaded.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday Dinner.

Had dinner with my cousins tonight, Harriett & Emma. Emma's been globe trotting and got back on Saturday, so it was a good catch up.
The Bride to be get's married in October .. in San Diego! None of us are going.


Emma's new ink since the last time I saw her 3 weeks ago.

The couple on canvas. Love it and I must commend the photographer ;)

Miss Emma Camilla Leonie.
That's her full name minus her last.
Doesn't roll of the tongue does it.
Nope, not at all.

Tyler & Aunty "Twinny".

Ms Hubba.

This drink was gross.

We turn to eachother for friendship in our family. This is how my grandparents raised their children and how we were raised. Our parents had offspring around the same time and so there are alot of us who are the same age eg. Emma, Leonie and myself.
Sometimes it's just nice to be together if for anything, for the reminder that we'll always have eachother.

Monday, June 17, 2013

FHE aka The Circus.

I've been wanting to do Red Velvets for a while now. They're an adult cupcake. I wanted to try the recipe in cinnamon rolls. I left some ingredients out of this recipe because of the yeast. It had to be adjusted because I was making bread, not cake.

Scald 2 c of milk with 100g of butter and 1/2 c of sugar. Take it off the oven before it hits boiling (this is what scalding is if you didn't know), add the color and sprinkle 1 pack of dry active yeast over and let the temp drop to warm.

Mix 4 c of AP Flour, 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder 1 teaspoon of salt. Add wet mixture.

Mix through then leave in a warm place to rise. Usually 1 - 2 hours.

This didn't rise as much as I would have liked. Knead it out with more flour for about 5 rounds.

Roll out.

2 c of brown sugar 1/4 c cinnamon.


Cut into 2 inch scrolls.

200 degrees celcius for 30 minutes.

I used a raspberry glaze for the top.

I did mention a circus. Glutton for punishment, I don't know why I invite them to my place. It's the smallest of them all if you count Jeston's place as being my Parentals.


The Holy Ghost game.
Coral was the Holy Ghost and Waimea was the sacrificial lamb who had to make it through obsticles placed in his way. He could either listen to the directions of the Holy Ghost or to everyone else, who had him bumping into everything.

Tyler tried her luck. We pulled out spray bottles for her and duct tape as obsticles.

These three little ones are the worst. I think I hate Sharing Time at church because 7 of the usual 20 are our own.

Dinner tomorrow night with The Bride to be.

Summer part 2

Nessa envisioned this shoot with my nephew Ellis. They pulled it all together very well. Hubs was supposed to be in it, but got stage fright...