Friday, May 31, 2013

June Birthdays.

My mum is 54 tomorrow and because of the holiday weekend, we're having Ngawi's 5th birthday a week early. To avoid making the potatoe salad for the BBQ, I volunteered to do the cake. It weighed on me all week. I had in mind a simple square cake cut in half to look like a treasure chest with chocolate money and candied jewels falling from it, but Pinterest kept daring me to try the ship.

Sponge cake is not the one. The only thing you can ice a sponge with is cream. This took forever and it was falling apart. There are probably more toothpicks in the cake than there is cake.

I had wanted to use Roll-Ups for the sails .. but no shop had them. Do they even make them anymore? I didn't want to use fondant or molding chocolate and there was no time to royal ice the sails.

I should have done it tomorrow .. but there are two rugby games that will woo me for 160 minutes in the afternoon and I'll be racing back to meet the 4.30pm birthday start time.

I don't want to do anymore birthday cakes until Hubba's in September.
Birthdays are banned until then.

Steinlager Series.

In case you didn't know, and it's a hate crime if you really didn't know, the Steinlager Series is coming up (All Blacks vs France). First game is next weekend and I was very close to getting a ticket and driving to Auckland for the game, but it always feels like I'm leaving something behind when I go as far as Napier .. and it leaves me with anxiety issues that not even the All Blacks could break .. so very close though!

I need friends who appreciate rugby as much as I do.
Friends who lose their breath at the sight of those perfectly constructed 15m H-goals.
Friends who get emotional at a dead ball.
Friends whose heartbeats are unsteady during the haka.
Friends who are on the edge of their chairs during a match.
Friends who scream at an unnoticed forward pass.
Friends who, after a brutally close game, feel relieved not triumphed.
Friends who know what an openside flanker is and agree who the best one in the world is (Clue: Starts with R - ends with ichie McCaw).
Friends who are girls ...
... because I want a All Blacks party Super Bowl style and I only have Jeston & Dempsey.
Close enough, I know, but I want to make rugby ball shaped brownies and someone tell me they're awesome instead of "great-with-milo".

Even though Hubba sits on her plastic pink chair and watches most of the games with me, she cheers at the wrong times and usually for the wrong team. She does not suffice.
I won't be taking applications because there is no one here that fits. Aunty Marva died and Pony is in Australia.

First game in the Madison Trophy round on Saturday.
So excited I kinda can't contain myself.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Wooly Yamaka.

Thanks Ariel!
Her head is too huge for it.
Going to get her Aunty Tashi to make it into a headband because she loves the colors.
It's her Oregon hat.

PS. RIP Batman the goat. One of the neighbors dogs ripped him to shreds lastnight. Brother has his gun ready for you stray dog!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

In case of emergency ...

Sitting in the lounge last night, my older brother visiting, there was a loud rumble that sounded like it came from Tyler's room. I immediately thought she'd fallen off her bed taking selfies, because I wouldn't put it past her. Then the rumble came from outside and sounded like it moved underneath the house like a train. The house jolted quickly and it was over.

That earthquake was 3.7 and was located 25kms from Napier. 50km, roughly, from us. The earthquake that was Tyler running up the hallway seconds later, freaking out, was a good 5 on the Richter.

The Antartic Southeries arrived late Sunday night so it called for a roaring fire. They're still here today and a combination of the earthquake and the cold gave me the incentive to do what I did today.
Slow cooked soup on the fire top.

Vegetables, bacon hock seasoning and cassarole cuts of beef.

Corn Pone. Basically cornbread cooked in a skillet.


It only took all day, but in the event of a disaster, all day would probably be worth it.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Dungeon

In the last month the community built up an adjunct gym. I'm not one to attend the gym, but I asked - for others - if Tuesdays and Thursdays could be females only because rugby trainings are these nights. I got the go ahead. I decided to go tonight .. everyone raves about the gym and protein shakes on social networking sites and they make it sound so amazeballs, that I needed to go see what the hype was.

... I lasted 30 minutes before I got bored and sat down. The Dungeon is very much so a mans gym .. so I left a note for the boss man to read when he gets back at 7pm.
I'm going again on Thursday! I get it.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

El Diablo II

"I don't want to go to church today"
"Why not?"
"I went yesterday evening"
"We were at rugby then"
"I don't like church today"
"We're going"

She's naughty every Sunday. I usually tell her to go sit somewhere else and that relieves me during first hour. Turned around to see a look on Michelle's face, that first hour, that looked like she needed a noose. Tried to push her into nursery during 2nd hour and sent her home with Tyler during 3rd hour.
All this equals a great day at church.

Day 93 of the BOM read.
Ether 6 talks about the Jaredites heading to the promised land in barges. They were at sea for 344 days. 344 days.  I couldn't stand 5 days on a luxury cruise ship hugging Baja Mexico. I would have not made a great Jaredite.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to this girl, who is 5 today.
Who knew she'd grow up to be a kia? (know-it-all).
Just like her Dad .. and Uncle Larry .. and cousins .. they're all kia's too.

Happy Birthday Larell.
Don't find a boyfriend at school.

Side mention: Welcome home to Larells Uncle Jesse who returned home from his mission yesterday! From Newport Beach back to New Zealand. I'd compare it to time travel in every aspect.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Rugby

Have you ever wondered how when there are only 12 musical notes in the Universe, as far as we know, why melodies haven't run out?
I use to wonder that until I was listening to Rob Thicke this morning and one of his songs sounded alot like Al B Sures Night & Day (see Love after War by Thicke), which led me to Madonnas Hung Up song, which sounds alot like Boney Ms Rasputin. My mental list goes on.
Just saying.

MAC vs Clive.  I think the final score was 15-5 to MAC.
Last game of the first round, Nash Cup, and a good game. MAC will come off 5th on the points table with a total of 19 .. as opposed to Techs (first place) 37. It's all good, maybe they can pull something out of their butts on the next round.

Lady Grumps.

Cold night in tonight.

Hello Winter.

... off a brass monkey.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Funeral & Rugby

I forgot to mention my Uncle Moe died during the week (his mother and my grandmother are first cousins). You didn't officially meet him, but he mentioned during your tangi that he heard you speak in church once and knew you were a great guy. So if you get a high five from a random newbie, it's just Uncle Moe. His funeral was today. Typical of the burial scene, is the haka.

I'd imagine if Spartans were to play rugby, it would look a little something like the Chiefs vs Crusaders game tonight. My team lost (28-19), but that was an awesome game. Kieran Read got my BP up. That guy couldn't push a ball over the line if he had a rhino horn up his butt violating him to move forward.

You know how all this could have been avoided? How they could have won?
That's right.
Say it with me .. Richie McCaw.


Yellow is the color of remembrance.
Today marks 6 months.
It truly sucks, but I've embraced that you are happier.

Went on the Not-Date night last night and it was nice to be child free with adults, despite my conversation was limited to Tyler, Jeston & Tashi - due to seating arrangements. Tashi and I split appetizers because Hubba wanted bacon shapes and mint cucumber dip for dinner and invited me prior. I think if there was ever a group of people I'd associate myself with regularly, it would be tonight's group. I was supposed to take a photo, but our end of the table played the no-cellphones game where you place your cellphone in the middle of the table and the first to answer a call or text (or respond to the Life alert from Candy Crush) had to pay for dessert.

Had to leave around 8pm just in case the 4 kids we left with my mum had driven her up the wall.

Miss you everyday mate-o potay-toe, but for real, send me the lotto numbers in advance.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wenerei (means Wednesday for you non-maori speaking peeps)

Day 89 in the BOM read for our Stake.
Tonights read was Mormon 5 - 7.
Mormon 6:20 was particularly helpful.

But behold, ye are gone, and my sorrows cannot bring your return.

I made it a goal to stay home today. There was nothing that needed to be done that was important enough to do right now. Whenever I stay home, everyone comes over. My Mum arrived first, then the usual (Tyler & co - who aren't really visitors, but crowd my space all the same), then the EQ President who invited me to the not-date-night tomorrow (probably going if my Mum babysits), then my baby brother and his crew, then my older brother and Michelle. Then it was midnight.

I have a sick baby. I had to force medicine down her throat and hoped it would give her a drowsy effect so she'd just go to sleep. No dice. She was too ensconced with all the visitors. It was when she banged into the wall running down the hallway did she finally go to bed.

Her teeth are moving into a better position now she's without a binky. I should've taken progress photos, but I broke up with my cameras last week because local rugby games were depressing me. I'll rekindle that relationship eventually. I can hear you now telling me how 3 years of study was a waste of money if they're just going to sit on the gas heater collecting "product of desquamation".

Chapter 7 then NewstalkZB in bed.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mussell Chowder

This first batch was a bit of a fail because I walked away from the reducing cream and it boiled over, so I lost half a litre. It's a basic recipe, but so good when done right.
Imitation Crab (Surimi)
That simple.
Boil the cream then simmer to reduce it.
De-Shell cooked mussells and chop.
Surimi is made up in layers that will fall apart into pasta like strips when you move a piece through your finger tips. I could have made smaller portions on both meat.
Simmer for a thickening.
Leave it to cool for an hour and reheat.
Season to taste, but the recipe calls for alot of salt and that's understandable because when you whip cream you add salt to make it whip better. Reducing it is essentially the same thing, but with heat applied.
I added butter because, let's face it, butter is a Maori mans medicine and you just have that on everything.

Had no dill for garnish so used dried basil, which was nice with the foccacia.
Thanks to The Browns for the recipe. I first had it back in 2009 and I had been looking for the recipe since. They so kindly graced me with it last night. They're awesome.

I think if I were to add anything, it would be pieces of a mild fish like cod or bass. Toss it in the final 2 minute boil and it's all good.


Dude, rough night! Could've used your ear early hours of the morning.
Thank goodness the time difference in Kalgoorlie gave me an outlet and I found my understanding there.

My two brothers have told me about a date night in our ward on Thursday night. I told them both that my date died and that Richie McCaw is currently at rugby training for the France game next month and is unavailable, so I'm not going. Then Michelle text and said she'll be my date. Despite that you'll get a better conversation out of me than you're husband 3s still a crowd, not going. Not babysitting either.

Then there's the ward Thanksgiving in July I was roped into. I suggested it for the family and it became a ward thing because I was standing too close to someone at church and talking about it and they overheard and suggested it in ward council, but, I love the idea of doing it as a ward ... if everyone comes it will be fab. The hard part will be making everyone come because sometimes we're anti-social. It's annoying.

... and I realise I've contradicted myself by not going to the date night, but the fact remains I don't have a date and it's a date night. If they have a Baby-and-Two-Freeloaders-that-won't-go-away night, then I'm good to go.

... and then I dreamed of you in a floral dress bringing home In-n-Out burger lastnight.

Love my cousins.
Jan 2015, it's on!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Saturday Rugby

Went to watch the B grade rugby team this afternoon then the Premier team. Both exciting games, but MAC lost twice.

I'm sick and I don't have your compassion to get me through it. I have to commend mothers who do it with more than one or two kids and no husband. There's no such thing as time to get better and theres no time to feel sorry for yourself for being sick alone.
I feel like crapnoid.
I need cough syrup, miso soup and new lungs.

Friday, May 17, 2013

The USA store in NZ.

Sister told me all about it a few weeks ago and sent photos.
Things I miss include the variety of beverages, specifically the green and red grape Diet Rite sodas. Also the Arizona juices and Jones soda

Pak n Save has Dr Pepper & my Asian grocery store has rootbeer - not diet. NZ don't sell Diet Pepsi at all. Pepsi Max yes, but not diet pepsi.

We do have pre-mix baking stuff. I haven't seen cookie dough to the extreme that USA has it readily available.

There's a store in Napier that sells US Confectionary, but it's all over priced and expired stuff. Like the Twinkies were a year old. We still fed them to the Young Men in the ward and they're all still ok - mostly.

I miss Campbells chicken noodle soup, ranch dressing and Snackables. NZ has Doritos, but they don't have certain flavors (like Cool Ranch). I wish they had the scoop Tostitos here, but it would need to go hand in hand with some good salsa.

We have Cheerios and Fruit Loops in the cereal collection here, but not Apple Jacks or Lucky Charms.

What do I miss most from the USA?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nearly TGIF

Found Yerba Mate yesterday at Cornucopia in Hastings.  It's an Argentine thing. I first heard about it when Larry told me his mission stories. It's possible that it was technically illegal, spiritually speaking, because when I read up what it was all those years ago I remember reading it had high levels of caffeine .. speaking of which, Tyler had a green tea vanilla frappe yesterday and felt bad about it all day.
*rolls eyes*.
I swear at least 10 times a day and call it therapy.

Yerba means herb. It's not really an herb though, it's a plant of the holly family. Mate is the cup it goes in to. The metal straw is a bombilla and the bottom acts as a filter because you pack the yerba in to soak. No tea bags to filter, just the bombilla.
I didn't quite get it. Mercado Buenos Aires in Van Nuys, CA was where I tried peach yerba mate. That stuff was good. I shouldn't make yerba mate because not only was it gross, I choked on the yerba that somehow made it through the filter and up the straw.

"What's your name?"
"Carlos Shultz!"
"Are you doing magic?"
"I'm gonna turn Tyler into a frog!"

This is the crap box. I say crap because that's all that's in it - just crap.
She thinks it's amazing.
Spot the syringe!
That's how Pamol (baby paracetamol) is administered in this house and she HATES it and I don't want that because it's world war III when she needs to be medicated. I throw a syringe in the bath tub with her and she acts like it's a snake.

The highlight of my day was hearing Richie McCaw may come out of his sabbatical before Super Rugby ends.
He's my hero.
Yep, he is.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Empanada Night and budgeting.

Had to make use of the chicken and broccoli Tyler purchased and let go to waste. *shakes head*.

They're basically pies with a different filling.

Delish. Even better are empanadas with poached peach filling and vanilla cinnamon on top.
Sprinkles of cinnamon on my heavily creamed hot milo are like rays of sunshine.
For real.

Even she liked them.

I've been flicking through a book about money management, it was refered to in another book I've been reading, and theres an experiment in the book that tells you how to grocery shop and save. I plan my meals each week, fully writing them out and getting what I need from the grocery store. The problem is that I never stick to the list especially when Pak n Save has deals going on .. that's when I think to myself, "Yes, for just $5 I do need 4 packs of Toffee Pops".

The book also teaches about shopping every 2 weeks as opposed to weekly.
Shop for 2 weeks.
Stick to your list. I'm going to try it .. next week.

Day 172

5 years ago I wrote a book and submitted it to a publisher along with the query letter for possible pick up. They liked it enough and invited me to break the book off into a second book using a certain character in the book they felt would make another good story.

For 5 years I've had writers block.

Today is a stay at home in your pajamas day in front of the fire, which is set to low because it really isn't that cold. I want to drive to Napier to get some Yerba Mate, but who can be bothered. It's Wednesday.

Chicken, broccoli & cheese empanadas for dinner.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


My car is finally fixed.
Gave my brothers people mover back.
Breakers Tuesday with my 3 children. I can't seem to get rid of 2 of them.
Kids eat for free on Tuesdays, the two adult kids paid for their own.
Counting up all the people I know, family and friends, who have had multiples or are having multiple births ... I'm beginning to think God's trying to kick everyone out of the pre-mortal existence.

Better watch out Michelle and Tashi. Definately something in the water on our street with the triplets on their way!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Birthday Week.

Three birthdays this week in the family.
My brother is 36 today. He lives in Australia so was here in thought.
Waimea is 10 tomorrow and his sister Coral is 11 on Thursday.
We had their birthday cake tonight for Family Home Evening.

I'm not ashamed to admit that unless it's red velvets, it's ok to Betty Crocker your way to ones stomach. It's all about presentation and that's made easy too with Betty's frosting.


Good day.
Wish you were here.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kawe Mate.

Recently an Aunty of mine, who is staunch in her Maori culture, talked to me about the protocol of Kawe Mate. Kawe Mate is a custom during the maori process of death that involves taking the deceased memory back to where they were well known or considered home.

It's a custom that is basically a gesture of love to family members who weren't able to attend the tangi.

My family never practised it at all and I don't think it's necessary to start. I carry his memory in my heart, as does his Mom, that's all that matters.

Happy Mothers Day!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Number 74.

Meet Great-Grand-Child numero 74.
They named him Alwyn after his Dad, and his Dad, and his Dad, and his Dad.
He's Alwyn the 5th.

His grandmother, my Mums older sister, has 6 girls and 1 boy. All her daughters have boys, save Meiana who has their one girl.

He's kinda yummy.

The cesspool.

Facebook is a cesspool when it wants to be.
I deactivated your account, which will be permanently deleted in 14 days.
It doesn't need to be something it's not (a place of worship).
Blame your online handle for that one.
Eventually I'll delete mine .. but sometimes the stupidity of others is all I have when there's nothing good on TV.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Temporary roughness.

How to tell you're at your brothers house. Giganto straw in the family milk. Rome leaves signs everywhere. Other signs include, the kitten in a plastic bag, coat hanger in the fridge and lipstick marks on the laptop screen playing a One Direction song.

Yesterday I went to pick up Tashi for a trip to town. Since the fire ban has been lifted in the area, the bonfire that's been built up for the last year was alight. It was huge. I heard popping and all kinds of good crap when I stood waiting for my compadres. Brother told me there were bullets in the fire.

On the way back we had to pull over to let a fire engine by. Immediately we knew where it was going and we weren't dissapointed. We thought the Parentals lit the fire, because they're fire bugs - my Mum will burn ANYTHING, but it wasn't so. Someone else lit it. It's illegal to light a fire that big and walk away from it, which was the case.

MAC won against Taradale, only just.
The score was 11-12.
Let me educate you.
A high tackle is an infringement during a tackle where it's made above the opponents neck (or head). Technically, if it's above the AC Joint, it's high. Very illegal and results in a free-kick penalty.
Here's a MAC player high tackling.

And here he is again moments later.

He was called on both.
Haven't clinched my teeth so much since I saw my 3 year old nephew try take on his mother and fight her during a tantrum over the Christmas period. It's ok, she threw him in the pool to cool off (knee deep).

Speaking of children, tonight is night 2 with no binky. It helped that she's a little destroyer who has discovered what scissors do. She bit binky 1 up on Monday. Cut binky 2 and 3 over the last few days and the Miomee was again lost. She's done well and probably deserves a trip to Disneyland.

Currently reading The Ministry of Business by Steve A Hitz and  James W Ritchie. Bascially says I need to put all my eggs in God's basket. There goes my Saturday lotto purchases.

Day 75 for the BOM read.
Day 165 since you 'went home'.

Picture unload

Haven't gone completely crazy with all these lockdowns and the restrictions that come with it, but close.  The kids are growing. The chu...