Sunday, April 14, 2013

Visiting Dad.

Broke the sabbath today and went to a rugby game (TA vs Napier Boys). I shouldn't make excuses, but NZ had the showing of last weeks General Conference and I'd already watched it.
Tragic game for TA, but we got to spend some time with my Mum who was on duty today (dorm parent).
Spent most of the afternoon at home then done something I hadn't done in about 8 years ... visited my Dad out in the boondocks Hawkes Bay this evening.

The Hedgehog & Rome. She was tormenting it with sticks so I told her that when hedgehogs get angry, they do what the face hugger aliens do on Aliens the movie.

Ness & Ty.



I always look through old photos when I'm at my Dads place. He has the only photos of us when we were younger. Mostly my older brothers and me. I'd like to use these photos as proof that we adopted the other 2 because there aren't too many photos of them. Since my Dad won't give me the photos, I'm always taking photos of the photos. Last time I did this I had a logitech camera that had a resolution of 200 x 400.
This is me at the back of my grandparents Station Wagon back in 79.

I was probably 4 here and look alot like Larell.

Here I am in Samoa .. being Samoan.
Early 80s.

My two older brothers when they were probably 5 and 6.
Now they're 35 and 36.

In the photo, Shai was 3 and Nessa was not quite 1.
Shai is now 13 and Nessa is 10.

I enjoyed the afternoon at my Dads. After everything that has happened over the last few years that stopped me from going, I'm glad it's done and dusted. Life just wouldn't be worth it if it was left unattended. How I see it ... the worst part of my life was when you died. Nothing can undo me worse than that did.

Healing is moving forward without looking back.

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