Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Prayer.

I know it's no big deal to the rest of the world, but when your kid masters a basic food prayer ... it's kind of awesome. I have to shoot her talking in her sleep. One night she blurted out, "Oh S*#*! I sowwee".

She makes my day on overcast days.

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Me said...

i used to nanny in scotland, and one day little girl (2 years old) can't figure out her legos and screams "bloody h*ll, f*ck ME!!!!" to which i laughed really hard but told her thats a word you can only say when you're a grown up. like eating ice cream for breakfast and staying up all night. only things grown ups can do. she says ok. the neighbor was over, and was like "where did she learn that phrase??" and right then, mom gets home from work as a pilot, had been gone a week, super tired, cant get her key in the door, so shes outside fiddling with the keys "bloody h*ell F*CK ME!" and it was hilarious.

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