Wednesday, April 10, 2013

6th - 10th April

Let's go back in time 2 years when Hubba was cute and when we all thought she was the milk mans daughter with her blue eyes (they turned brown), when she didn't know how to answer back.

Barely a month old in these photos. Now she's one of those children who you'd like to return to the zoo.

So the missionaries who aided in Tylers conversion last year, The Farnes, finished their mission today and are more than likely catching the red eye out of Auckland tonight and heading back to the US of A. We had a ward send off for them on Monday for Family Home Evening. What made the event even more special, for my family at least, was the fact that we were able to utilize our marae, something we very rarely do.

It reminded me of my childhood when Aunty Hop would always be there and we'd roam the grounds waiting for piano lessons or holiday programs to start. I missed that. Jeston felt the same way. Just working in the kitchen with Aunties we hadn't seen for a while was nice and it reinstilled the purpose of why our ancestors built the marae. Since your death, our ward seems to have come together this year where it lacked last year. Our marae looks better than it has in a while, big ups to Aunty Kuini, Uncle Randall and their extended crew for that. It's quite picturesque.
These savages did a haka that was so loud I got a headache. (loud and great!) I tried to get a photo of my brother Jeston looking like He-Man during, but he was smiling the whole time.

Someones pigs had a good left overs that night.

I tried to watch General Conference over the iPod during the weekend, but I kept falling asleep. So I'll head down to conference this weekend.
MAC won against Hastings and are currently ranked at 9/10 on the points table, second to Pirates. I'm surprised they're above Havelock, but I think Havelock will follow tradition and take them out again this year. This weekend MAC will play Tamatea, who are currently at 1/10. MACs physique is absolute ace this season. I'm still on the fence about the coaches and still think there are too many chiefs and not enough indians on the field, but so far it's a thumbs up.

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