Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saturday in March.

Still miss you every day. You're on my mind always and my emotions play bi-polar ping pong all the time depending on what I’m doing. Yesterday I had to pick Tyler up from her date in town and it was dark and the baby had opted to stay with Ngawi.

The drive alone bought back the memory of the drive to the hospital the morning you passed and how I begged “Please, not yet” the whole way to the hospital. It was the longest trip I’d ever taken.

I hated the reminder of it lastnight.

Pre-season game this afternoon.
MAC vs Tech.
We'll see how the new management pans out.
Going by training sessions and player reports, my faith is still on platform 9 3/4 waiting to board.
They came 7th on the tables last year of 10.
If it all falls apart this year, Hello Havelock.

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