Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pre-Season game.

Towing my camera and lens across a field only to find I forgot my compact flash card. No photos today, but it's ok .. it was a boring game apart from a nice dummy pass by the local South African and a try.

MAC lost 17 - 20 and that score isn't bad.

My only complaint is .. there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians. Perhaps if the team stopped telling eachother what to do and work together, it would not have been a loss. Lucky these next few games are tests and don't count towards the final tally, but if it's any indication of the season ahead, they're going to need Jesus.

As for the manangement.
One wasn't there and the other did circles around the field not saying much as he passed our half.
Early days.

The opposing team was Guildfords home team. After his stand down he's been welcomed back into the open arms of the Crusaders, who play tonight. The loss could have been worse had he been playing today. He's a fantastic drunk, but he's an even better rugby player (especially when running with Dagg).

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