Monday, March 18, 2013


Much needed rain waltzed into the Bay today. It's not going to be enough to do anything good for anyone unless it downpours all night and all day tomorrow. The tomatillos popped up this year from Jan 2012s seedlings. I think they're confused because by the time they're ready to pick and be useful, they'll have frost bite.
The storm system that bypassed us and moved over Havelock North.

Ngawi and Hubba at Family Home Evening tonight.


This game was awesome.
Ball in a long sock wrapped around your waist .. you pretty much play hockey with your hips and it's hard not to use inappropriate words even at family home evening. I recommend everyone play it with their family.

Happy Anniversary to Sister & Joel who got hitched 7 years ago.
Tomorrow is the anniversary of when Poppa died. 10 years.
Miss my SG.

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