Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 101.

The "unveiling" tradition is an unnecessary custom. A few of my aunties didn't like the idea that I was having it early and went on about how Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) needed at least a year to receive his body back into hers .. blah blah blah, Kia Ora.

I mentioned last week that it was classy, elegant and it just suits the man it's for. I love it and the extra touch at the bottom will be much appreciated by a community that genuinely miss him as an artist, as a mentor and as a friend.

I was scheduled to have it on Friday, my birthday, but it became something it wasn't and I decided lastnight I was just going to head to the cemetery today and do it myself. Just me, Tyler and Hubba. Olly and Michelle joined us too in the end. I'm going to get funny looks all week because of it, but .. my decision, my business.

I have to take the time to thank NewTek, especially Rob Powers, (producers of Lightwave 3D), who have, over the years, recognized Larry for his full worth as a 3D Artist and teacher. Thank you for allowing me to use the logo on his stone because it so represents a career he loved, but more than that, I'm sincerely appreciative of the gift that was the stone itself.

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Rick Dolishny said...

That's just amazing. All the best from a Lightwave user in Canada.

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