Monday, March 11, 2013

Christine Part II & Dialysis.

Regarding this post.

Two Christines were in hospital that week. A Mary-Christine, who had passed a few days earlier, and the actual Christine. After questioning a friend who worked in the hospital, she confirmed that Christine Doole was in the room across the hall, which is seperated by the ward reception area, from yours and was the Christine who visited you that night because she mentioned to you she had a sore foot and said friend mentioned her foot problems too.

Although taken back by her visit, I know you enjoyed it and what you two discussed was something you needed to hear.

I gasped when I saw her obituary in the newspaper last week, but what made it even more emotional was that you got her for your birthday. 7th here is the 6th in the US.
A technicality.

I hope she bought you cake.
I hope you get to teach her what we know to be true.

Re: Dialysis.
I've heard news of a few dialysis buddies of yours. One got a kidney transplant and one had his fistula installed. He is on haemo until he qualifies for a transplant.

I wish you met Kath's husband Mike. His Mum passed a few weeks ago and had only been on haemo for 2 weeks.

The Ballantyne House dialysis unit looks fantastic. It's still not complete.

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