Wednesday, March 27, 2013

About zebras and anacondas.

Had a weird dream lastnight. It started off with my family heading down to the chapel, which is a 5 minute walk away, for an activity. Walking out to my car I saw weird tubes in the sky in a pattern as far as the eye could see. Only I thought it was weird, everyone else didn't seem worried.

In my dream, the drive to the chapel took us down the 405 freeway in CA. My mum drove and we almost crashed twice because she was texting, which isn't far from the truth when it comes to her driving. We got to the chapel and by that time the tubes had flags on them and their very own space ship, which didn't look too out of this world.

Entering the chapel was when things started to happen outside. Someone, or something, began bordering up the windows of the chapel from the outside and doors were locked on the inside. Once that was done, the whole chapel, with everyone in it, was lifted with the earth under it (think the City of Enoch) and flown somewhere.

I peeked out the windows and saw people flying next to us, assisting almost. I looked for you, but I couldn't find you. Everyone was wearing Jedi cloaks .. maroon and white.

The entire chapel was set down in a community with fully furnished houses that each of us were led to.

The dream got weird after that and involved zebras and anacondas.

Our chapel will become the place of assembly should an emergency or disaster occur here and we're required to evacuate. I don't know that everyone in the community will go there, because despite we're an all LDS community, not everyone is currently practising. The impression I got is that there needs to be a ward storage house inside the chapel. In the event that we need to head to the chapel and all our belongings and store cupboards are destroyed by probing aliens, there needs to be a back up. Flight kits are for this purpose, but despite our chapel being 5 minutes away, it can become quite inconvenient to carry 24 cans of spaghetti that far.

.. and that friends, was my weird dream.

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