Thursday, February 21, 2013

Photo searching.

"She look like you, but she white like him" - is what a Chinese lady said to us one time when we entered her shop with Hubba.

I showed Hubba these photos this morning and she got scared and said it wasn't her and screamed 'No!'

9 months here.

You and 2-pie Tyler.

Evil Snow White (Rome).

It's going to be a lazy slow Thursday.

I had just finished hitting publish on this post and I hear a knock at the door and two little feet run up the hallway towards the room. I go and inspect and 2 policemen are standing at the door.
"Are you ok? We got an emergency call with no answer".
The baby found my blackberry and couldn't get by the password so it brings up the option to ring emergency, which she clicked yes for.

She hid in the hallway and when those big eyes eventually peeked around the doorway, I told them to take her to jail.

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