Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines.

I've been up since 2.30am because I know what day it is today. Laying in bed with itchy bites because some lucky mosquito managed to get through the mist of fly-spray earlier in the night, my mind always wanders back to you and 12 great years.

Valentines 2001 - our first - was spent at Best Taco on Magnolia in North Hollywood. I wasn't keen on Mexican yet and barely got through the Buche Taquitos, which I later found out was pig esophagus.

2002 - Sushi in Ventura, CA.

2003 - I made cookies .. back in my "Make cookies from purchased pre-shaped cookie dough" phase.

2004 - I mastered the Reds for Valentines.

2005 - Wing Stop! Romantic.

2006 was the year you forgot. I followed up on that accordingly.

2007 - Roses.

2008 - Sugar Free chocolates.
This year you learned that if you are going to give a woman chocolates, it's better they not be sugar free.

2009 - Inca Hot Chocolate.

2010 - In NZ .. Donuts.

2011 - Tamales!

2012 - The last Valentines with you. You were at dialysis and I spent all day working on this. I'm glad I did. Not knowing it was the last one we'd spend together, I'm glad I put effort into constructing it and dropping F-Bombs when something broke. It was worth it and you appreciated it.

I miss you every day.
Today is going to suck.

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