Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Sabbath.

Decided it was time to cook again. You love my cooking! How could I let it go unappreciated when there are so many more here that would enjoy it. So yesterday (and last Sunday), I made Japanese Dynamite. A hit.

The toaster oven we purchased last year came in handy when it was time to bake it.

Crab Enchiladas for Sunday lunch.
Pilaf with Saffron.

Crab is ok in enchiladas when you're buying it from a Don Cuco Restaurant, but I think pollo is the best.

Jeston, who turned 8 on Monday, was LDS dunked this evening in a small gathering at our chapel. It was pretty last minute, but it came together nicely.

I said he looked like Peter Pan the White in his baptism outfit and told him he just needed wings and he'd be a 'mariposa'. Glad he watches enough Dora to understand that Mariposa means butterfly and not the urban slang of mariposa I was referring to.

I gave him a wedgie before he stepped into the font, so he had a smile on his face when he entered the waters of baptism.

The stars over the kids heads identify the kids that belong to just my family from 2 of my brothers and a cousin. None of them know what reverence is.

There are 2 kids missing.
Miss you .. like all the time.

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