Saturday, January 19, 2013

Parenting 101.

I've learned to block out the cries.
I've learned to remain calm when you think 'the laying on of hands' is needed.
I've learned what not-so-cute is.
I've learned to gather my chi when she spits her food out all over the floor.
I've learned to just Facetime Aunty Ness when she cries and cries for it even though it's after bedtime.

I commend my sister and sisters-in-law for doing it with more than one kid. Above all, she's still an angel and no one else can tell me different.

You'd agree Love.
She talks about you every day.

Camping on Tuesday.

Big loves to the whanau who lost their little boy today. I think my heart aches more over this little 2 year old than it did when my Love passed.

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