Wednesday, January 2, 2013

12 years.

Thinking back on 12 years of us makes me smile. I opened a folder from our 2008 cruise to Mexico and found photos I never knew we had.

It reminded me that when we got back from this trip you got so sick. We both said it was 'some foreign ass disease' from Mexico water, but it was signs of the renal failure after being educated about it the year later.

I found a dictaphone yesterday with dead batteries. When I turned it on and listened to the files there was a 3 hour file of you snoring. I remembered how we both denied snoring so I left it on one day. Result. You snore. I knew this before I hit record. I listened to your expressions video this morning and smiled hearing your voice. Needless to say, I know less about expressions now than I did 45 minutes ago.

I'm getting sick of your song. I have to play it every morning to the baby, who cries if I don't play "Clarrys song", followed by Popcorn Popping. I tried to play Warren G's Backdoor to her, but she threw her binky at me.

Gave your scriptures to Mum. She'll make good use of them. Also found a journal in there of yours in a mini composition book. It's dated 2003.

Did you see me switch wedding rings in the ICU that morning you left? You hated when I switched rings with you. I'll give it back next time we see eachother again.

We had a great 12 years.
I'm very much so looking forward to our greater forever.
Miss you mucho!

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