Thursday, December 20, 2012


24 weeks.
26 papers.

School finished yesterday and I received my final grade today.
I wish you were here to share the relief that is the passing grade with honors on all 26 papers. I would never have got through them all if it weren't for you sitting here and helping me late into the night despite that you were tired from dialysis.

The pass just doesn't bring me the elation I should be feeling, because you are not here.
I hope you are proud.

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Ben Martin said...

Congratulations for passing with honors on the 25 papers, Camilla!

Only today (20DEC), I was aware of the sad news.
I confess that it was my fault for not following your blog about Larry, for a while.

Larry was/is a good friend.
I'll never forget him.

He was a landmark for Lightwave users around the world.

I'm sad that I could not help more.

If you need any guidance, help, tips about Lightwave, related with Larry’s projects/files, just feel free to ask.
I'll gladly help you trough Lightwave.

Larry's friendship with me is unconditionally extended to you.

Ben Martin from Portugal

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