Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Part 2

Ipod photos.
Lastnight Furness and I were the only ones up waiting for the maori bread to cook. Turned out the maori bread wasn't for us, it was for Mums work. Decided that with our spare time, we'd do some gag gifts for our 3 most favourite people.

Jeston got a can of soup and salad dressing, from Mums pantry, wrapped in a mutton cloth signed from Shai.

Shai got Mums doorbell chime and some cotton balls. Signed from Uncle Jeston.

Tyler got Pop Gregs extention cord wrapped in Mums table runner. Signed from Uncle Jeston.

The things two sisters do when they're bored.
We visited you today to drop off Larrels christmas present for you. A koru made out of sea shells.
We'll have a stone up for you in March. Our birthday months.

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