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First Christmas without you Part 1

It was decided yesterday that we'd have Christmas dinner instead of the planned 10am brunch, which changed to the 2pm afternoon lunch. Because the Parentals had to work and Joel was on an afternoon flight from Auckland, we waited till 4pm.
Hubba and Ngawi at the beach fishing last week.

Waimea & Ngawi

The girls and Ngawi.
You, Ma and Mum were the only ones Ngawi was looking forward to seeing!

Hubba, Jeston and Ngawi.

Christmas in summer calls for salads.
Ma made her famous seafood salad.

I made Ceviche.

Mrs. Armstrong did a potato salad ...

.. Broccoli Salad and Ham that tasted nothing like her crab curry she made us a few years ago and we never forgave her for.

Platters from Michelle.

Fruit platter.

Tash's everything salad.

Cheese board.

Porterhouse steak on the BBQ.

Dry. Hot and gross. You'd love it.

The kids got yet another trampoline for Christmas.


I missed you today, but there was enough family around to not let it get to me.
I miss you most when no one is around and all I can do is remember how much I miss you.
I wonder if they celebrate or observe Christmas in the Spirit World?
If not, I hope they at least have the internet so you can log on and read.
In our hearts today.

To be continued ...


Μαρία said…
My brother passed away on November 15th. He was 22. He had an intestinal embolism but the doctor at the hospital diagnosed him with food poisoning.

Since he died, I keep singing lullabies to him. I came upon a video where Tara from Sons of Anarch sang this song and I came here looking for the lyrics.

I read the posts about your husband and I hope that you don't mind. My brother's birthday is tomorrow and Christmas is a week later. The first ones without him. I'm starting to realize that he's gone and I don't know how I'm going to cope. Painful as it is, it's also comforting to read the experiences of people who've been there. So, thank you.

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