Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 23

It's dry here. Shades of green have dissapeared.
It's hot. It's sunny. Weather you were waiting for since Fall began in April.
Aunty Gabriel told me that the worst is yet to come and 23 days into this, I'm beginning to feel it.
When I drive somewhere and no one is saying anything to eachother in the car.
I think of you.
Sitting alone outside when the kids have all run off somewhere to play.
I think of you.
When I'm by myself.
I think of you.
Every thought leads back to you. I can't even watch TV because someone is dying on a TV program and it brings everything back to me. I'm happy that you are happy, but I'm sad because you are not here being happy.

Looking through photos and videos I came across this one of you and Hubba, when she was 7 months.

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