Sunday, November 4, 2012

God only knows what I'd be without you ...

In our ward in California we knew a man who used to work with Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys and dated his daughter Carnie.  I'm a Beach Boys fan. When I think music and talent I think Brian Wilson because the man is a musical genius, totally craycray, but for being partially deaf and nuts he managed to compose and produce an album that is considered one of the greatest of all time (Pet Sounds).

Channel surfing the other day I happened upon Wilson Philips, Carnie and Wendy Wilson - daughters of Brian Wilson - and their childhood friend Chynna Phillips - daughter of John & Michelle Phillips of The Mama's & The Papas. Their new album, Dedicated, has a mixture of Beach Boys and The Mama's & the Papa's songs.

They never could sing despite their song "Hold On" winning single of the year back in the 90s and knocking Madonnas (who also can't sing) Vogue off of the charts.
I downloaded the album last night on iTunes.
Absolute tragedy.
$2.97 a song and there were 12 of them.

Sounds like they used that famous music software Fork-in-a-blender or something cheaper than an hamburger from McDonalds to do the background music with a side auto tune. They didn't make the iPod cut.

Surfer Moon by The Beach Boys.
Easily one of the favorite BB's song.
Happy Birthday to my sister who is 32 today.
Love you long time.

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