Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 3 in ths hospital.

They ruled out heart attack. A scan today showed an inconclusive result for a clot on the lungs. Tomorrow they'll do a CT Scan, something they tried to avoid because of costs to the hospital, to rule that out too because all symptoms and blood results are pointing away from either.

Someone said Pnuemonia.

No one knows how to work his dialysis cycler in the hospital ward. They rang me at 4am to ask what the beeping meant. Lucky for them the All Blacks were killing Scotland at the time and I was wide awake watching the game. It boggles me that you go through 4 - 5 years training as a nurse and get to the hospital and only know how to insert a lure. Patient to nurse ratio in the Hawkes Bay hospital. 6:1.

I do appreciate them being so kind to Larry who has become guinea pig over the last few days.
He'll be in another night.

No more morphine for him because of the bad kidneys.
He's braving it with panadol.

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