Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Blood test Tuesday.

After a blood test today we went to get some lunch. I left Larry in the car and ordered, came back out to see him reading the yellow pages from a phone book that has been in the car for a week. He told me he was having a hard time reading from the book. I told him it probably didn't help that it was upside down. Even he laughed at himself. Almost as funny as the time my deaf Pops was vacuuming the kitchen floor and the vacuum wasn't on.

Everyone in the family has had the 24 hour bug. I had it yesterday and anyone in my path felt my wrath. I will not be eating sausages or grapes anytime soon. When you heave that stuff up through your mouth and nose, you taste it all over again.

We're staying home all day to watch the elections.
May the best man win.
God bless the USA .. and that one of my brothers may win the lotto tonight in Australia.


Crystal said...

ha ha ha to vacuuming the floor when it wasn't on ; )

Crystal said...

p.s loving your food challenge on the side!! I'll be checking back on that! Especially keen to see how the beef wellington turns out! : )

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