Monday, October 8, 2012


... and what a weekend it was. Between the cycler machine, Larry's overall health and being on the verge of purchasing a car, it turned out to be stressful.

During dialysis on Friday night, the alarm sounded and again I had Larry sit up to allow a proper drain. This is not what you are supposed to do. PD is supposed to work when you lay down and sleep, but it didn't work that way for us. Two options, sleep in a chair or surgery to correct the position. God bless the Online Garage Sale page for the Bay area on Facebook. I wasn't looking for a fridge, but for $150 I got one and I asked if anyone had a lazy boy for sale and two people messaged back with an offer.

Hawkes Bay is a small small place .. I knew the fridge people and the lazy boy people and so I didn't feel embarrassed when I rocked up to get the lazy boy and the husband didn't know his wife was selling furniture.

I had it easy when Larry was on haemo. Drop him off and be free for 6 hours. I forgot how much time and effort is put into PD. Add in that he is partially blind, you pretty much become a fulltime nurse and it takes some getting use to after a 10 month vacay. We already need heparin for tonights bags.

The biggest problem is the fluid restriction, but I'm pretty sure it's against the law to beat a sick man for drinking too much sprite zero.

And then there's school.
Chemistry in the Human Body and I are not friends.

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