Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The two Carters ...

This Carter was born today (I think) in Australia to my cousin Daniel and his wife Nikita.

This Carter was born 2 weeks ago and was in SCUBU at the hospital until yesterday. He was scheduled to be born 3 weeks from now, but he came early. His Mum is my cousin Mere.
We really need to start sending eachother memo's on kids names.
We already have 2 Liams, 2 Corbins, 2 Joshuas, 2 Toris and 2 Taylors.
These two bump our count to 72 great grandkids for my grandparents.
3 great-great-grandkids with 1 still cooking.

There's only 1 Carlos.

.. and she's all we need!

Re: Larry
First flush of the catheter tomorrow.
He's been excited all day today because his Mom is coming for 3 weeks at Christmas with his niece.
We're looking forward to the visit!

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