Tuesday, September 18, 2012


It was mostly a waiting game from 8am to 4pm.
So we waited.

And waited.

Got an anti-biotic shot via the drip and waited.

Then slept and waited.
At 4pm they rolled him away to the surgery unit.

In typical Hawkes Bay hospital spirit, they didn't call me when he was out of theatre nor did they call me when he was in recovery or when he was rolled back into the ward an hour later.
The call I got was from his ward nurse, at 7pm, who was looking for his cellphone because he was frantic that it wasn't in his room or bag .. because it was in my pocket.

Good news and bad news.
Good news, the surgery went well.
Bad news, it's hospital food til Thursday.

I don't even know what the brown stuff was. To me it tasted like what I imagine re-fried beans with mashed powdered potato would taste like. Cold.

A good day.
Miss him tonight, but I'll enjoy not kicking him in the shins each time he snores.

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