Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The plan was to take 24 papers required to qualify for the dialysis technician paper, which is 2 years in Auckland. It's supposed to be offered in Feb 2013, but there have been delays with completing the curriculum. In the meantime, they've advised me complete the 24 papers in the event it's all a go in Feb 2013.  I was late in applying and made it only in time into the 4th intake of the year, but for only 12 papers. Larry suggested I double time, since I have the time, and get ahead of myself and apply for the last intake despite the overlap and the 98% denial of a place.

It's week 5 this week of the current intake and I'm 4 papers ahead of myself. 7 papers have passed, 2 still need to be marked. I heard back today that I landed a spot in the 5th intake. Good news for me .. not so fab for my brain.

My sister will be happy to know that there's a potential we'll be moving to Auckland for possibly 2 years (in the event they don't allow me to transfer to the local hospital here to complete the practicum). We won't be renting Ponz, we'll be moving in. Yes. We. Will.

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Andrew Landmann said...

Well done on wanting to be a dialysis nurse, they do a fantastic job and are very under-appreciated here,especially by the patients. (I know because I used to be one, and after 4 hours of dialysis you don't appreciate anyone telling you to wait a few more minutes until your blood pressure stabilises!) Good Luck. Andrew (Andrew's NZ Dialysis blogspot)

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