Saturday, September 22, 2012


We made plans to have a picnic today. It's not hard to pick a park and we probably picked the worst one in Hastings as far as the playground is concerned. The two standing had jeans on that were so tight, they couldn't sit down without possibly ripping them.

It was a nice day for it. Just missing Dad (my brother).

New Whittaker's white raspberry chocolate .. for breast cancer awareness month. Tasty.

Even Uncle Larry came despite being out of hospital for only 2 days! What a trooper.

Then it was home time so Tyler could get ready for the HBHS Ball tonight at an Estate in Eskdale.
Practised on her hair.

Carlos cheered her on.

Hairdresser Michelle.

Rome critiqued wearing Papa Greg's glasses she knows she isn't allowed to touch.

But he's in Christchurch this weekend and we all had a house party at Nan & Papas house this afternoon during their absence.

The hairstyle.

The girls .. at Nans .. watching Tyler get ready for the ball. (prom)

Carlos played aeroplanes with Shai.

So did Rome.

... and Jeston ...

.. even grumpy smurf Nessa ....

.. Mum (Michelle) was kidding herself.

The bling.

My brother has 5 daughters and 1 son ... he thinks there are two more sons waiting to be born, but he too is kidding himself.

3 dresses later, we found the one.

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