Monday, August 6, 2012

Where everyone gets a bargain. (nothing to do with The Warehouse)

I begged $140 out of Larry for the giant martini glasses and was heading in the direction of Harvey Norman after dropping him off at dialysis this afternoon when I thought to try my luck at another shop in town.

Found these 3-footers for $30 each, plus two glasses under them for $10 each. $80 .. a deal right? Not exactly martini, but very much so giant and that's really the feature I wanted. Then she applied a 50% discount at the check-out.

It really was that exciting that I had to post.

I called Larry at dialysis to tell him how I saved $100. He kindly told me that for someone who was bitching just this morning about being dumb at math, I'm pretty good at it when it comes to shopping.

Now I know how my sis-in-law Michelle feels when she finds a $5 top at a brand store. She's a shopaholic frugal.

Grab-a-seat also alerted me that there were $31 flights, one way, from Auckland to Napier for December. So I got two tickets from Auckland using our airpoints .. now we just need to get there because Napier to Auckland sold out.

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