Thursday, August 9, 2012

Teenager .. Food .. DP

I've finally figured out how to use the tortilla press properly. The instructions that came with it were so backwards that the press stayed in the cupboard for 7 years. I almost didn't bring it back to NZ because no matter how closely I followed the instructions, it didn't work out.

Thank the tortilla angels, I figured it out.
So we had shrimp taco's for dinner.

Also called Don Cuco in Acton, CA myself to ask how they make their salsa. With a mixture of my hard-to-understand accent and his spanglish, I got a partial recipe, which was enough to master salsa.
Also todays DP.

The Giaffle.
10 layers of delicious.

gif creator online

Shai, who today upgraded from an annoying tween to an annoying teenager, was the first to ever taste The Giaffle.

Happy 13th Birthday Fool!

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