Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday update

Crab Bisque - 27/47
I wont go into specifics, but Old Bay Seasoning is a MUST.

You'll be surprised to know that when it comes to displaying photos, I'm not big on the idea. My mum and sister feel the same way. My bare walls screamed of neglect and when I saw cheap frames, I changed my mind. The decal, yes it's crooked, was the final touch.
It fits ... because we are.

2 years ago I joined an online photo group. Back then there were only 20,000 members, now there are near 1 million. Back when I was client number 19,000+ you didn't have to pay dues, now you do. They usually have a photo of the month assignment where they give you a theme and you go out and shoot then share. This month they've switched things up and the assignment is 'A Photo a Day' for a year and share so I'll be posting Daily Photos for year. It began on the 1st, but I only got the email yesterday so I start today.
This is the clock tower in the middle of town.
It's shot in HDRi with 6 brackets.

Beef stew using on the bone shins, with marrow, and roasting veges.
It really does smell fantastical.
Add a gravy mix right at the end to thicken it up and you're good to go.

Marrow is probably my favorite part of any meat.
Spread the marrow over bread and it's pure delish.
There's a restaurant in Napier, Mister D, that serves Marrow Ravioli. I am eager to try when we have the time to go to Napier next.

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